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With HURTSSOGOOD Programming & Personal Training you will smile the pain away.

No matter if you are a recreational or a professional athlete – I got you!

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Becoming is better than being. This pretty much sums up my story in the fitness industry. Learn more about my personal journey and find out if I am the right Coach for you!

“I booked 6 months of training wirh Felix and I made great progress in my strength numbers and gymnastic skills. Felix also prepped me for my forst competition and it was very successful. He offers a perfect balance between support and freedom. Reliable, sympathetic and a good amount of crazyness. Total recommendation!”

“I am working with Felix for over a year now. His training plans are demanding, well structured and fitted for my strengths and weaknesses. Felix is also very approachable as a coach. He listens carefully, answers all my questions and pushes me to my limits (sometimes even further). Even with my changing training environments he his always available and sets up a program that will fit my needs. I am happy to call him my coach and can just recommend him to anyone.”

“A big thank you to Felix! Thanks to his coaching I could reach my goals. He always catered to my needs and training environments. Great work – also as a group coach!”